Storm Around the 15th is One to Watch

Just throwing this out there that around the 15th of the month, we could be facing another major snowstorm from the Mississippi Valley to the Northeast, one that could bring over a foot of snow again. The GFS has been showing the storm as well as the CFS and EPS control. The EPS control has over a foot of snow from Georgia to New England with 1-2 feet across Virginia. All the AO will remain negative while the PNA and NAO will hover around neutral. With all the arctic coming down, it’s most likely going to be a large area of overrunning snows that cross the country, much like we have seen before.



Might as well just let all of the storms come on in Henry and just go out of the winter of 20/21 with a bang instead of a whimper!


I know it’s very early but that configuration would end up with a lot of liquid rather THAN SOLID PRECIPITATION FOR THE NORTHEAST EAST OF THE Applications.


What is going on with the storm coming further north now,your saying it is what it is,sounds like your not to exited,no chance of a decent snow?