The snow across Iowa this morning is coming down heavy for a few hours with thunder mixed in. We will see bursts of heavy snow and thunder through the Great Lakes into the Northeast and PA as well. The NAM and HRRR but suggest that a band of heavy showers or thunderstorms develop across eastern Virginia into The Delmarva. Thunderstorms riding into the cold air will enhance snow rates across Northern NJ into New England. Most places will see 1-4 inches of snow but there will be locally 6 inch amounts.

4 thoughts on “Snow Midwest to Northeast, May Have Thunder and Bursts of Snow!”
  1. My guess/feeling/hunch is for all intents and purposes real winter is over. Oh, sure there’s always the threat of an occasional rouge snow event but for most of the east outside higher elevations, the great lakes region and northern New England, it’s going to harder and harder to do based on climatology and the pattern that appears to be evolving. Let the sap run begin!

  2. Well, this one’s exceeding our 2-4″ forecast in NW Chester County, PA. 5.5 inches at 12:40 and the sky is puking snow. At least 2 inches per hour now.

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