The Storm Prediction Center made an anticipated change in the forecast by upgrading to a HIGH RISK for severe weather including large, damaging tornadoes. Very few HIGH RISKS are issued each year and only issue during special events like today. In addition, they upgraded the area in the Carolina’s to a Moderate Risk which is quite high for this time of the year. The HRRR and NAM rotation tracks show many supercell storms today into tonight that can produce tornadoes or large hail. Rotation tracks can support large, damaging hail as well as tornadoes. The danger is that the tornadoes continue into tonight and may occur during the dark when people can not see them or have gone to bed. Notice also for tomorrow. numerous rotation tracks over West Virginia and another long track across North Carolina. Thinking is that the West Virginia area is more large hail and that track in North Carolina could indicate possible tornadoes due to the higher dew points. Be Safe and have a family plan during this event.

One thought on “High Risk of Severe Weather Today, Moderate Thursday…Major Outbreak Possible with 25-50 Tornadoes, Maybe More!”
  1. It seems early to me, for severe weather to occur this far north and in the mountains of WV no less. Going to be a rocky spring maybe?

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