Snowfall Yesterday and Cold Weather Today…Nice Start to April!

The late season cold weather lead to snow and snow showers across the Northeast and Appalachians Thursday. From an operational computer model perspective, the area of snow was correct but the amount of snow was overdone on all the models. It seemed the NAM model did catch on to the lack of snow yesterday morning but the other models remained overdone on the snow. Behind the initial rain to snow event, snow showers were widespread across the Ohio Valley into the Northeast and in some areas, snow squalls developed so it was quite a day for April 1st.

Temperatures today will remain cold across the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes into the Northeast today. As you can see on the temperature map, some areas will stay in the 30s for highs. Good news, milder weather will set in this weekend but with the blocking pattern coming in, don’t expect much in the way of sustained warm weather through mid-month.



We got blasted several times by blinding squalls yesterday in the NE Ohio area…..I had 6″ on my deck before noon. Look much more like December lake effect season than April 1.


Henry, you need to facilitate posting of pics in the comments if that is possible…..this is a weather page….keep up the good work. When there aren’t donuts, you’re the perfect morning coffee companion.