Daily Madness: Pattern will Change but Severe Weather and Coastal Issues will Occur

Weather Madness Podcast

Another chilly morning for many across the Great Lakes and Northeast but we should see improving weather into the weekend and the risk of frosts will be ending too.

The weather will begin to become stormy across the Plains and Ohio Valley as the warm and humid air begins to filter north. Severe storms will break out across western Texas and the Plains and eventually rain will come east into the mid-Atlantic late in the weekend and early next week.

The severe weather will remain in the Plains next week and may try to filter into the Tennessee Valley with time.

GFS continues to hint at tropical development either in the Gulf or Southeast coast after the 20th. Since this is a new model, we should see how the model deals with tropical systems.
We may see a surge of heat coming east late next week. ECWMF model is bullish on heat coming while GFS wants to bring in the low clouds and drizzle. I am thinking the heat is coming but only as a brief surge.