Claudette will move across the South and through the Carolina’s Sunday. Once in the Atlantic Monday Claudette may regain tropical storm strength as it moves off to the Northeast. Along the track this weekend, flooding rains will occur as well as the potential for severe storms and tornadoes along the southern part of the track. The rainfall will be 1-5 inches along the path which may cause flash flooding due to the quick nature of the rain. It’s not uncommon that tornadoes occur along the track of the remains of a tropical storm. We already saw at least one tornado along the Gulf coast when Claudette came onshore. We could see 10 or more tornadoes the next couple of days as Claudette moves through.

One thought on “Claudette to Bring Flooding and Possible Tornadoes!”
  1. We desperately need that moisture here in northern New England before we end up in severe drought before too long if the pattern doesn’t get very wet soon. I don’t recall seeing it this bad in my many years here.

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