Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Tropical storm Henri will intensify and become a Cat 1 Hurricane and could even become a Cat 2 hurricane by Saturday night. Henri will be moving over warm water and will interact with the trough in the eastern part of country.

I have a path that will take Henri into eastern Long Island that as Henri gets trapped into the trough, Henri will slow and actually loop around for about 24 hours before heading out to the Northeast. During that loop, heavy rains will hit the lower Hudson Valley, northern New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania. This will place the already swollen Hudson river in a situation where disastrous flooding could occur. Also, heavy rains may also hit the northern part of the Delaware river and that may cause flooding too. In areas hit by Flooding this summer will get hit by flooding again and hopefully not disastrous flooding.

Other impacts will be high winds with gusts 40-100 mph that will hit areas of Long Island and southern New England. That will cause power outages and damage to trees and structures. A storm surge will occur on Long Island and southern New England, enough so that flooding will occur inland.