A cold front will gradually come east this week and will produce severe storms. In this case, the storms will produce strong winds and hail. The tornado threat seems low this time with this outbreak. How fast the from comes east Wednesday will depend on the development of the tropical system off the Southeast coast. if that system develops quickly by Wednesday, it could hold up the front from coming into New England and the Mid-Atlantic. We do have to watch for a heavy rain event again as the front will interact with tropical system the end of the week. Areas hit by flooding from Ida could get hit again.

2 thoughts on “Severe Storms with Hail and Strong Winds Starts this Week”
    1. I doubt it would be sufficiently waterproof. I am a veteran of many a wet basement. Ask yourself how it happened: laterally through the door, from downspouts, through walls, groundwater up from below? Was the occurrence isolated or chronic? If a weird one-time event, something changed. It does not take much debris in a rain gutter to bring the water that is supposed to downspout away, indoors instead. If via the door, though, think about re-landscaping to change the pitch of the yard maybe.

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