Mon. May 29th, 2023

As the clipper departs today I am now focusing on the storm potential for the 21st to 23rd. The AO is going highly negative which means colder weather and trough axis in the East. The PNA seems to stay neutral which the NAO (blocking) is going negative again. This should lead to a storm developing in the eastern part of the country. The GFS and ECMWF have been bouncing around on the storm with each run. The GFS seems the most aggressive on the storm while the ECMWF has a storm but is not as aggressive. Other models are showing the storm. You will notice on the map that I have two areas overlapping each other. The first area is for the rain changing to snow event across the Northeast late this week. The other is for the storm mentioned above.

5 thoughts on “Snow Potential Map for Monday – Is a Big Daddy Lurking?”
  1. GFS 0Z Saturday night had a monster of a storm but that’s not an ensemble run, on Sunday’s model run the storm was gone, but this morning it’s back in some fashion. Will be interesting to see what the models have by Friday.

  2. now the European model appears to predicting a light out blizzard up the eastern seaboard next Tuesday. Not fun…a 978 millibar low off the coast on Thanksgiving eve spells trouble for travelers. Hopefully it will trend down a bit between now and Friday’s model run.

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