Storm Potential and Impacts Friday to Monday

A major winter storm may impact areas from the Midwest to the Tennessee Valley, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Friday into Monday. A storm of this nature will produce significant snows and other extreme weather events along the track. While the models have all come into agreement, I wanted to show you the path which I believe best fits a storm of this nature given the blocking pattern and positive PNA. Below are the potential impacts from the storm.

  1. Heavy snow, over 6+ inches
  2. Drifting snow with potential for near blizzard conditions
  3. Coastal flooding due to strong onshore winds
  4. Winds in general gusting over 35 mph with higher gusts to 50 mph across the Northeast
  5. Potential for severe weather across the Southeast and Florida
  6. Major travel disruptions and airport closures
  7. School closures
  8. Power outages due to ice, winds and heavy snow