UPDATED Map: The Second Clipper Spreads Snow through the Great Lakes and Northeast

Updated the snow map to remove the heavier snows in the Great Lakes.

A second clipper will come across the Northern Plains into the Great Lakes Monday then into the Northeast and Appalachians Tuesday. That clipper will spread a swath of 1-4 inches of snow with some locally 5-7 inches of snow across parts of the western Great Lakes. The clipper will combine with a storm in the South to produce even more snow and rain/snow mix across the eastern Ohio Valley and the Mid-Atlantic. Overall I see 1-4 inches of snow across the Northeast with a wet accumulation of snow into parts of Kentucky to Virginia. This is not a big storm but could produce enough snow to cause slick travel.

The tail end of the cold front will climb up the Front Range of the Rockies and produce light snow in Denver and Boulder. While I have 1-4 inchers of snow, some area above 6000 feet could have a little more snow.