The snow will be winding down across the Mississippi and Ohio Valley today. Another 1-2 inches will fall before the snow ends by Noon.

The heavy snow will centered across the Northeast where up to a foot additional snow will fall today. Snow rates will be an inch or two per hour. That area of heavy snow will be ending tonight. Moderate snow will continue into western Pennsylvania but that too will be winding down this afternoon. The cold front is struggling to move south and east this morning. Where ice is occurring, it will continue the rest of today but should end as some snow. Ice will be dangerous and cause poor travel and power outages.

I don’t see the ice making much progress into DC and Baltimore to Philly today.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Snow Hits the Northeast with Ice and Sleet Causing Travel Problems”
  1. Here on Staten Island,temp. at 7:59am=56.7, at 9:04am=37.6 ,big drop in a little over an hours time. I don’t remember a drop of this size during the winter as I live close to the water. Yeh, in the summer with fronts/thunderstorms , but not at this time of year. I verified this with readings from other stations within a 5 mile radius. Cheers & be safe

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