Friday Update – The HRRR models paints a picture of dangerous snow squalls going all the way to the coast. This is the type of situation where you drive into sudden blinding snow that coats the roads with sow and causes sudden icy travel. I have seen pile-ups along the major Interstates in this type of situation. If you run into a squall, pull over and wait for it to move through. Try to stay away from other traffic that may not pull over.

A clipper will move across the Great Lakes and Northeast Friday night into Saturday. That clipper will bring snow and even some dangerous snow squalls that can cause whiteout conditions. While the snow shield associated with the clipper will bring a coating to an inch or two of snow, it’s the intense snow squalls along the cold front that can cause blinding snows and quick icy roads. The result could be pile-ups on major interstates like I-90 and I-80. The intense snow squalls will go all the way to New England so watch for sudden icing all the way to that area.

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