Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Thursday Update: Made few minor changes on the map. Add ice for this morning in the Tennessee Valley. Scaled back the snow in the Northeast.

I made some changes to the snow map. Butted the ice up against the heavy snow area because it will snow hard near where the ice occurs. The HRRR models suggests that across northeast PA that the ice starts but changes to heavy snow. I am concerned that there will be some surprises in regards to snow amounts due to the model snot understanding the extent of the cold air. It does appear that the heavy snow will hit the Northeast. The storm overall will bring a wide swath of nasty wintry weather that will impact travel conditions.

4 thoughts on “Update Snow and Ice Map. Going to be Nasty!”
  1. I think this gets colder and that high moves a bit East. Then we have a major E. Coast overrunning event. What do you think MadDog? Can you answer a question? Why do models show like .48 inches for SE PA, but it’s withered down to like a .10 of an inch on the models? How do you measure that on the models?

  2. Pretty impressive cold where winds are coming in from the E-NE from the ocean and E-SE and that 32-degree line barely budges. CAD at its finest!

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