The big story this week will be the blizzard potential for the Northern Plains. A storm coming through the northern Rockies will move into the Plains and intensify into a major storm. That storm will produce heavy snow with over a foot of snow predicted across North Dakota, Montana into northern Minnesota. The GFS has almost 3 feet of snow across North Dakota. Winds will be strong with gusts 40-60 mph along with the heavy snow. This type of storm will shut down roads and is on the Cat 5 on my Snowstorm Scale.

Along with the snow will come severe storms. This will be another multiday severe weather outbreak that will start today and last through Thursday. So each day severe storms will hit with the big days Tuesday and Wednesday when we may have two days of tornadoes.

The East will get warmer this week as temperatures rise into the 70s and 80s after a cold spell and snow that moved through the past couple of days.