Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Thursday – The GFS has backed down from the snow while the Euro continues to show snow. The problem with the storm is that there is no blocking, no PNA, No AO so the cold has to come from the storm deepening along the coast.

Wednesday – We now have a consensus of the models showing snow in the southern Appalachians, Carolina’s into Virginia. In most cases, the storm will start as rain but as it intensifies, the rain will change to a heavy wet snow.

Tuesday – I had to make a major change to the map to perhaps shift the storm more toward the coast. The GFS model has been consistent for the last several runs while the other operational models have been shifting all over the place with the storm. Instead of putting snow amounts I opted to put a low probability for snow for now until more of a consensus occurs with the modeling to have a higher probability.

The second in a series of storms will hit Friday into Saturday. That storm will produce a swath snow from the Midwest and Ohio Valley into the Great Lakes and Northeast. While the map reflects the where snow might fall today, there is still the chance that the snow goes all the way to the coast as the secondary low develops.

6 thoughts on “Major Update: The Second Snowstorm Brings Light to Moderate Snows”
  1. Henry I couldn’t agree more with your rant today. It’s a shame some people just like to stir up trouble. I want to thank you for what you do. It’s greatly appreciated.

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