Tri-State Flooding Could Get Serious. NYC in the Center!

A storm will form off the Mid-Atlantic coast Friday into Friday night. That storm will bring moisture into the Tri-State area which will result in flooding. The rainfall will be 1-6 inches into Saturday morning. The result of that much rains mean road flooding, delays and even subway flooding in NYC. NYC may see 4-5 inches of rain in 12 hours. Many areas of northern New Jersey into Connecticut and Long Island will see over 3 inches of rain in a short period of time. Thunder and lightning will ocupany the heavy rains.

Updated: Tropical System will Bring Heavy Rains and Flooding this Weekend!

Friday 9/22/23 – The storm is developing this morning and will most likely become tropical storm or subtropical storm Ophelia. The track will track the system over eastern North Carolina to Baltimore where the system will just unwind Monday. The blocking pattern is going to cause the system to just sit over the Mid-Atlantic through early next week. Heavy rains of 1-6 inches will occur across eastern North Carolina into eastern Virginia. A tornado threat will occur as well over that area as thunderstorms roll into the area tonight and Saturday. Winds along the coast will be gust 40-70 mph from Wilmington, NC to Atlantic City Nj. A minor storm surge will cause waves to come up to the bulkheads of the beaches.

Wednesday 9/20/23 – The blocking pattern is leading to the tropical system being forced out into the Atlantic after coming north to about Virginia. This means the heaviest of the rains will hug the coast from North Carolina to southern New England while inland the rains will be light to moderate or just soaking as a better way to explain it. Winds along the coast from South Carolina to southern New England will be strong with gusts to 50 mph Friday night into Saturday.

Another tropical system will develop near the Southeast coast Friday. That system will bring very heavy rains from eastern North Carolina through eastern Pennsylvania and southern New England. Areas from The Delmarva to eastern North Carolina can see up to 6 inches of rain. Winds along the North Carolina and Southeast Virginia coast will be gusting up to 50 mph. Moderate to heavy rains will also impact the Piedmont and Appalachians. The storm will move north and be located over south-central Pennsylvania Sunday morning then weaken to just a quick moving low center Sunday afternoon.

Watch the change to snow on radar.
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