Polar Vortex Coming?????

I read the story below and a little concern it might be premature given the modeling evidence suggests that the cold is coming by Mid-January. But just how cold and extreme will the weather be remains to be seen. The SOI values have flipped to La Nina which is a better indicator for colder weather […]

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Winter Hype Starts as ECMWF Says “Cold”, but CFS Says “Not So”

ECMWF January Temperature Anomaly

  You may have seen on social media the winter weather hype starting as the January monthly forecast from the ECMWF model shows cold weather across the eastern part of the country. It also shows dry and cold weather across the Midwest and cold and wet weather (snow) along the East Coast. Now, opposite to […]

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30 day Impacts: Coastal Storm, Tropics and Severe Weather!

Overall, I am not looking for major changes in the pattern. The weak blocking across the Northeast will give up some allowing surges of heat into the Northeast. But the heat surges will come with a cost. Old boundaries will be stubborn to move allowing for the corridor of heavy rains to remain from the […]

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