Heavy Thunderstorms May Bring Gusty Winds and Small Hail Tuesday

A cold front will come through the Northeast Tuesday. That cold front will produce a band of gusty thunderstorms which will form in the Appalachians early in the day then move into New England and the Mid-Atlantic in the afternoon. The storms will be your typical Northeast storms for early fall that produce gusty winds and small hail. Some storms will be warned for larger hail based on radar but most will be just small hail producers. Winds may gust over 40 mph within any storm. Behind the front, much cooler weather will follow.

Heavy Rains will Cause Some Flooding Problems

The tropical airmass across the Mid-Atlantic into the New England will feed the heavy rains along the cold front that is pushing east today and Friday. The focus of the heaviest rains will be from central NY into eastern Maryland today. The rains will weaken some tonight into Friday. Many areas will see over an inch of rain with amounts up to 4 inches in areas shown on the map as the heaviest rain areas. It will take until late Friday before the front moves out of New England ending the threat of heavy rains. Notice the rain amounts below on the HRRR model which are showing well over an inch of rain. Keep in mind, many areas have had heavy rains the last 30 days and the rains will only cause more flooding problems.

Storm Brings Heavy Rains and Heavy Storms!

A storm over Ohio will gradually move north over the next couple of days. That storm will produce an area of heavy rains across the Ohio Valley into the Appalachians and Ontario today into tomorrow. Some areas will see up to 3 inches of rain and some flooding problems.

Along the cold front, severe storms will hit eastern Ohio into western Pennsylvania this afternoon. That area of storms will move into the Mid-Atlantic Thursday and New England Friday. The storms will produce gusty winds with wind gusts over 40 mph and heavy rains. It will take until Friday before the storm finally moves out allowing cool weather to move in for the weekend.