Severe Storms Ahead of Fall Cold Front!

A powerful cold front will be blasting east early this week and will bring a change to much cooler fall-like weather. A band of thunderstorms will occur along the front and the storms may produce damaging winds and hail. As you can see on the simulated radar below, the storms will form into a squall line that will move east from the Plains into the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley by Tuesday. The storms will move into the Appalachians on Wednesday. If the upper level low stalls on Wednesday, we could see some heavier rains hit the Mid-Atlantic states Wednesday night into Thursday. It’s certainly going to be a busy start to the week.

Severe Weather for Minnesota to South Dakota Thursday

A cold front moving into the Northern Plains will produce a band of severe storms across Minnesota into South Dakota Thursday. The storms will form in the afternoon and produce damaging winds and hail. A cluster of storms that might go across northern Minnesota could produce a tornado or two prior to the main band of storms that develops in the afternoon and evening. The storms should weaken after dark.

Severe Storms May Produce Damaging Winds, Large Hail and Perhaps a Tornado

A cold front plowing into the warm and humid airmass will produce a band of severe thunderstorms from the Northeast into the Appalachians this afternoon. The storm swill develop this afternoon and will mainly produce large hail and damaging winds. The tornado risk based on soundings and the rotation tracks is pointing toward the Hudson Valley into Maine. That area has seen tornado activity this summer so it’s not out of the question we see more tornadoes today. Hail could be large up to an inch in size. The storms will move into New England and the Mid-Atlantic tonight but should be weaker and only produce gusty winds.

Watch the change to snow on radar.
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