• March like weather next week.

  • I must have missed something?
    But anyway,
    Henry, I enjoy your video’s. Keep up what you do. I Don’t watch them everyday. But most days. I always appreciated you and Elliott Abrams vids at Accuweather. Glad you continued after leaving Accuweather. I like the discussion board to hear other people thoughts. If I didn’t I would quit paying you…Read More

  • Been getting snow squalls. One right now is covering the road and ground. Looks like about 1/2″ when done. Also Notice some areas on traffic cameras where these squalls went through are snow covered. So if your traveling in PA? Check the radar before venturing out. This squall made the roads around Dubois and Clearfield pretty crappy on 80.

  • Even with a El Nino it does not guarantee a winter wonderland in PA. Actually mostly below normal.

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    • I was thinking the same thing. I believe it all depends based on the El Niño strength at any given time.

    • I guess we will find out next year. But most, not all, el nino years I remember were lousy winters. So if they say El Nino for next year, I will be counting on another crappy winter. Hope I am wrong, we are do for at least an “average” winter.

      • I was looking up snowfall totals for most of these El Nino years near me (Central Pa), a few were above average. But most were below. 15-16 was like this winter.

  • GFS shows a little bit of light stuff tomorrow in Central PA. But most of that might not hit the ground or melt right away. After that there is nothing till 2/10. Not complaining because our rivers, streams and water table are very high. They need a break.

  • Why cant the NAO and AO be like this in March and April.

  • Finally! We might have a dry week with some sunshine in Central Pa. The colder air coming in and looks like its going to keep the storms south of us. We need a little dry out. The creeks and rivers are pretty high and water table is way up.

  • Been getting some Graupel today.

  • 3″ so far N. Huntingdon County PA with some sleet mixing in now. Can never clean up snow without some mix crap and rain. Be nice just once to get a snow storm with nothing but snow.

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  • CPC is pretty sure the NAO is staying positive.

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