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  • I wish we’d get some of that Ian moisture here in Northern New England like we were originally supposed to, until that blasted La Niña roared back. So, instead we’re heading into another VERY long dry spell, at least according to local Mets.

  • With the damned La Niña roaring back, I imagine it means New England returns to its drought pattern once again, and just when it looked like we might see some relieve.

  • I’ll take the eastern track for Hermine, please. We could still use more precip here in Maine. We just had a great two-day rain that dropped 1 to 3 inches which helped the topsoil tremendously but really need quite a bit more to get aquifers recharged.

  • All the precip heading towards Maine continues to die out, so we’ve only had a trace. Nice plume of precip well out over the ocean to our east and looks like a good batch well to the west, but nothing here, and it doesn’t appear well see much from this system, so it’s back to the long-term drought pattern for Maine. And if the La Niña does…Read More

  • Henry @weathermadness, I like your T-shirt 👍. I have noticed some podcasters have what you could refer to as a T-Shirt of the day, and usually, it’s something positive like what you had on today. It’s a great way to spread good tidings in a troubled world.

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  • Heat in September is rarely as bad as heat in mid-summer. It’s actually quite pleasant because, at least here in Maine, it’s rarely accompanied by high humidity. The days are also much, much shorter, so the heat doesn’t have the staying power it did earlier or is there the amount of available daylight to really get scorching.

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  • Definitely starting to become concerned. I checked the local State College news outlets and found nothing regarding outages due to flooding or any accidents. Whatever is keeping him away must be significant, especially since we know he has a mobile phone and could use that to update the site with a status. I also send prayers and hope that all is…Read More

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  • Henry (@weathermadness), do you think they might be naming them those storms in the open Atlantic because they will impact Central Europe and the UK? They will likely bring tropical conditions to those locations eventually. I know that some years from late summer through mid-autumn they really get nailed with storm after storm, many of which…Read More

  • Finally, in the right spot for heavy rain: 1.41in so far from the rain that appears to have been enhanced by a little mesolow or some kind of disturbance working up the front along eastern Maine this morning.

  • Well Henry, I see once again the modeled QPF map you displayed has very little rain for most of Maine through the middle of September as the drought just gets worse. The NWS is not very bullish on the chances for widespread rain either, only scattered showers are in the forecast followed by an extended dry stretch with almost no chance for any…Read More

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