• At present, the latest GFS and the Euro don’t hold much hope for a white Christmas here in the Northeast. Both keep shoving the darn warm air at us ahead of each storm with any consequence and then tracks said storms over us or west and north of the region. I realize it may change between now and Christmas, but will it change enough to get the…Read More

    • We will see but it is following the current storm track.. It never got above freezing today, that is the weather we need to stick around.

    • It certainly does look as though the winter will be back-loaded instead of front-loaded as someone else mentioned here, which I haven’t seen for maybe a decade. It appears the winter has shifted and perhaps shortened during that time. If the models are anywhere near correct, it reminds of 5-years ago when we had snow on the ground, but it was…Read More

    • Agree re December – sustained cold remains evasive

    • I’m with you,same thing last year,it’s getting old

  • I see where the latest model runs continue the eastward trend of the next storm. Even the local Mets are concerned about this and are now beginning to wonder how it’s going to end up.

    • Perhaps, the subtle influence of the negative NAO is acting to suppress the incoming Trough just enough to force the secondary Low on Sunday/Monday to develop further to the East. It is certainly an interesting development, especially if it becomes a trend which continues into Friday. Since most of the time in recent years, the trend has been…Read More

    • We are 5 days out, if it is trending east tomorrow then we may be onto something. Didn’t this showed up as a coastal a few weeks ago and then disappeared?

  • Lows this morning across snow-covered interior Maine were mostly in the single digits, above and below zero. It’s a sunny but cold day, with temperatures in the teens to around 20F presently. As a reminder of how much nicer and brighter the day looks with the snow cover, I took this photo. I’ll take it any day over no snow on these dreary short…Read More

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  • It’s nice to see the models trending east with the next storm. Let’s hope the trend continues until it’s off the coast where it stays put so that most of the northeast gets some snow out of it.

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  • Cloudy, cold day here, with temps hovering in the mid-20s. The screenshot is of a personal observation app I wrote years ago to display my station obs and weather webcams.

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  • Snow continues to fall lightly in western Maine, and the local forecast has a burst of snow overnight into early Tuesday, which could add up to 2 additional inches in spots. An inverted trough hanging back from the original low and interacting with a short-wave trough moving through from the west.

  • Now, this run of the model makes no sense to me. A 1031mb high just north of New England, yet no cold air draining down and a low still heading to the west of the northeast. Extremely unlikely. If it somehow does happen, the long-term weather patterns for this area are gone and being replaced by an entirely new behaviour; one that will be…Read More

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  • Western Maine Storm Report:
    Snowfall: 9.2in
    Current weather: lt Snow
    Temperature 28F

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    • At least your getting winter, but your practically in the north pole too 🙂

      • It’ll feel like I’m closer to the tropics if the models are correct about these upcoming “blowtorch” warm spells. And it’s not just the GFS, but the ECMWF also has similar cycles of warm wet systems followed by quick-hitting cold shots. And these cycles could be an evolving pattern that holds for a while. Heck, it’s what we’ve essentially been goi…Read More

        • Currently the 10th storm is supposed to intensify and fly east of the great lakes up the St Lawrence. I think this may be the predominant storm track with the occasional coastal. I am hearing different forecasters giving different day high for temps. one says in the 30’s other in mid to upper 40’s, so they are obviously looking at different…Read More

    • It’s beautiful to look at from here. I enjoyed the snow for many years until it wasn’t fun anymore having to clean it up, uncover the car, etc. I am glad that now I am in southern NV where it will be 68 deg. today.

  • Video of Snow falling shortly after it started. Currently, the snow has become mostly very light after 3.5in in a heavy burst this afternoon. Temperature is currently 30.6F. Forecast is for another burst of heavy snow tomorrow morning.

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  • Cloudy and 32F, with precip (hopefully snow) right on our doorstep. Interesting that it’s raining or mixed over in western NH and Vermont. Temperature profiles are borderline presently, though the local Mets and NWS insist that heavier precip, when it arrives, should dynamically cool the atmosphere and most should see snow eventually.

    • Snow has begun. The forecast is for as much as a foot in some places where it stays all snow, especially at higher elevations where the snow should not be as wet. Of course, if we are to believe the latest model runs, this will all be washed away over the next couple of weeks. 👎

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