• Big thump of snow moving through western Maine presently. Picked up an inch in the last 20 minutes.

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  • I was watching an Ag program yesterday on RFD TV, and they had a market commodity analyst who was very bullish commodity prices because their metrological consultant told them that the drought was returning this spring and summer because the ENSO would be neutral for at least 6 months to a year before going towards El Niño. So, this guy is going a…Read More

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    • All what I am hearing from the locals, NWS and TWC is that it is going to be warmer than normal out to the 20th of the month and there is no mention of El Nino.From the sources I go to; so far Henry seems to be the only one standing in the field alone.. We will see in a couple of weeks from now.. If anything is going to happen it will be last…Read More

  • Thought this snippet about the lowering tropopause from our local NWS discussion was interesting.

  • Diamond Pond, New Hampshire is currently -18.2F at 13.30 hours.

  • From what I’m hearing and reading, we’re looking at least +60-degree temperature swing between the coldest of the arctic outbreak to the warmest part of the follow-on thaw beginning Sunday/Monday and lasting beyond the medium range of at least a week, possibly longer. It simply wants to be warm in the east this winter (again!), and any cold and…Read More

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  • It was the coldest morning in Maine so far this winter, with many locations subzero, especially at lower elevations that radiate good. The coldest I found was -34. I live up on a ridge, so rarely radiate and only get below zero when the arctic air is advective and deep, so my low was +1.

  • The warmth just keeps on coming, even when we did get snow, it’s barely been cold enough with the rain/snow/mix area always at my doorstep. I’m seeing 40s and a few isolated 50s being reported around the northeast today and that has not been an uncommon temperature regime for this month even in northern New England. So, at this point, I cannot b…Read More

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    • Completely agree with you. The LRM have been right all season so why doubt them now? First 2 weeks of Feb are dry and cold, then it warms up(;

  • I’m not liking what I’m beginning to see and hear about this pattern regarding getting any more appreciable snow for northern New England. All storms will be tracking to our north, bringing rain and mixed to more southern and coastal areas until mid-week, when the arctic air begins to push any moisture-rich storms well south and beyond the point…Read More

  • NWS Maine/New Hampshire discussion is finally talking about the potential push of arctic air into the region, though they are not ready to jump all over it quite yet. Unfortunately, they are not bullish on much snow in the foreseeable future with storms cutting west keeping the precip mostly in Canada or riding the southern jet. With no phasing…Read More

  • Just read the local NWS discussion for Maine/New Hampshire and their LR forecast, which goes through next Thursday, the 2 of February. There’s still see no mention of anything extraordinary in the storm or cold departments. In fact, the storms they discussed will still be borderline for snow, especially at lower elevations and especially on the…Read More

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