• Update on last weeks snow.. Here in the valley on southern Vermont boarder all the snow of last week is gone. Know a couple of people who live in the hills just a few miles from here that received over 40″ of snow. The remote locations were out of power for over 5 days, roads blocked with snow and fallen trees so they were trapped unless they had…Read More

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    • I would say it wasn’t worth it then, not even for the bragging rights of getting eh 40in. Now if it had been a dry powdery snow it would have been a different story. We don’t seem to get many of those type snow events any longer.

  • I am one of the snow haves that has moved on. The big Daddy storm in Northeast was an elevation storm. If you were 800FT or above you received a lot of snow. Below that just 6-8 inches of compressed mess. The so called “heart attack” snow. These Mid to late March snowstorms are meaningless to winter sport enthusiast as it just quickly melts…Read More

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    • It’s been the same story in the Williamsburg, VA area they usually have at one snow during a winter, but this year, there has been no snow at all. I just moved here from central Pennsylvania and it is the first winter in many years that I have had a winter with no snow. A friend of mine who lives in Old Saybrook, CT told me that so far the snow t…Read More

    • Same here in Maine. While late winter has been slightly better for snow than last year, it was still far from a normal winter. I’s say 90% of the country east of the Ole Miss river probably experienced a similar winter.

  • Colrain Mass. which is a mere 12 Miles from where I live reported 40″ of snow! I barely have 6 on the ground. I am in a river valley, Colrain is up in the hills.. Thats the difference, altitude is king during these spring storms.

  • Still snowing pretty good here (Southern Vermont Boarder), but really no additional accumulation. If anything, it seems like it is losing, rather than gaining, due to melting. Welcome to March, NAO and AO say winter , but the sun ultimately rules the day; despite the clouds!

  • From the southern Vermont boarder. 6″, really, really heavy snow so far. Still snowing hard. 31F. Winds light from NE. Lost power and currently running my generator. I amin the valley, the hill towns are expected to fair worse in the storm. On a side note: Back in November Henry when you had your initial winter forecast, I finally decided,…Read More

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    • My generator just died after over 20-years, so I’m in the process of shopping for a new one. Is yours petrol or LP? I’d like to get at least a multi-fuel one, since I already have an LP hookup right outside my garage for my gas BBQ grill; one that’s tied to the house’s main LP tank for the gas appliances in the house. I’d get a full-house standby…Read More

      • I have gas. Power has since com on but no cable now. Storm for most part s bust. Heavy wet snow here like all the other storms we had this year. No more accumulation during day light. Gng to leave gen hooked up just in case.

      • I have a Gas, big enough to operate the furnace, well, bathroom, freezer and refrigerator, pellet stove, WIFI, TV, Phone, living room and kitchen. I installed a transfer panel with a hook up on the exterior wall. Its portable. I pour a curb under the deck. Deck is 5′ off the ground. If the weather is bad I use a tarp to keep the weather off it. We…Read More

        • I hear you.. It was so much easier to just plug into transfer switch. I am so glad that I finally take the time and put it in this fall. It will power everything except a mini split. central air and stove,

  • From just South of the Vermont boarder. Flipped over to snow about a half an hour ago.. Several hours ahead from forecast by locals. Saw a convoy of utility trucks heading to staging areas here in town. They are expecting problems in the hills where the combo of heavy snow and winds will topple trees onto lines. I am in the river valley so…Read More

  • When was the last time we saw a storm on the coast at 28.6 in/merc? If that come true the winds will be howling on the coast! Locals are now calling 1-2ft.. If the coastal frontal boundary setups like they say it will, that is the typical situation that we in the valley get the heaviest snows. I am sure the models will change several times before…Read More

    • Its been an El nino ago

    • Henry what are your current thoughts on NYC and NJ?

    • It certainly appears for now that western Mass is in the max qpf zone. But one can never tell for sure with these big coastals that end up vertically stacked. I just read the discussion from the NWS office here and following the storm it’s nothing but above normal temperature and rain likely to be the predominant precip with the following storm…Read More

  • I see both Euro and GFS have storm position almost identical. Storm is 975 mB! Wow! If this happens it is definity a Big Daddy.

  • Reporting from Franklin County Mass. Currently 32F, light snow, just a trace on the ground.

  • The University of Massachusetts Climatology Department just released the assessment for the past winter. According to the University, for my area (near the southern VT boarder), it has been the warmest winter since records were kept, and that goes back a hundred years or more. No surprise to me, as I really cannot recall a winter like this one.…Read More

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