Mon. Jun 5th, 2023
  • Pumps are still running this AM in Hoboken, NJ

  • Looking way ahead – what does an El Niño suggest for the hurricane season?

    • May have to wait until next summer to have a full-blown El Niño, since every article I’ve read about it so far is that it will hover around neutral until fall or even early winter. Moreover, that the SOI tends to be stronger and more pronounced in winter. But then again, those are simply forecasts and nothing is for certain when it comes to the…Read More

      • Thank you for the comment! I’ll take what you wrote and rephrase my Q – what would a neutral situation generally imply for the hurricane outlook?

  • 51 degrees right now in Hoboken, NJ. We’ll see if we get the temp drop we need to put down +/- 7 inches here later tomorrow.

    • This time of year not so much temp near ground but what is above you. If it is cold enough above and dew point is right , then temp will fall quickly once precip starts.

      • appreciate the point thank you.

      • Also dew points. I’ve seen late season snow events (April-May) where temperatures started out in the 50s and the precipitation quickly go from rain to snow because the TD was in the single digits which allowed evaporational cooling of the atmosphere to freezing or below.

  • Have one from way up in the cheap seats here for Henry. Are the models back-tested and then outputs calibrated (appreciate I am over simplifying the very complex)? The CFS map today seems not all that different from the CFS models we were looking at in late Fall, and we know how accurate they proved to be over time.

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  • If recollection serves the models were showing snow cover fairly far south back in Nov. I’ll believe it when I shovel it 🙂

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