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    2 weeks ago

    Happy Weather Thursday!

    The front produces many reports of wind damage yesterday as the line of storms moved through the Great Lakes and the Midwest. That front will continue east into the Northeast and Appalachians and southern Ohio Valley. That front will stall tomorrow and that means showers and thunderstorms each day from today through this weekend across the Northeast to the Ohio Valley. The danger for parts of Kentucky and the southern Ohio Valley is more heavy rains with over 4 inches in some locations. Anywhere along that stalled front, storms can produce strong winds and heavy downpours through the weekend.

    The Monsoon flow is rather strong again and will remain that way through the weekend. Expect locally heavy rains in the Southwest that can cause flash flooding.

    An other cold front will bring more thunderstorms to the Northern Plains this weekend. That front will come east again next week with more severe storms.

    The heat is going to stick around through next week before a nice airmass comes into the East next weekend.

    Tropics remain quiet but EPS model still showing the tropics coming to life by Mid-August.

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    • Love that the tropics are quiet. We don’t need any storms this year. Especially, the way the economy is and gas prices!!! It would be a disaster.
      Bring on fall.

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