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    4 days, 17 hours ago

    Happy Weather Friday!

    The front that moved into the Northeast to the Tennessee Valley will just melt in the heat over the weekend. We saw numerous severe storms and flash flooding yesterday. One tornado hit Smith Island.

    Today through the weekend, that melting front will produce more thunderstorms, some with heavy rains and strong winds from New England to the Tennessee Valley. Baltimore and Washington which was hit hard yesterday may get hit hard again today and tomorrow.

    A system coming through the West which enhanced the monsoonal storms will move through the Rockies and into the Northern Plains by Saturday. The monsoon storms will be enhanced across the West today. Saturday, the front across the Northern Plains will see storms developing along it with some becoming severe from Nebraska to Wisconsin.

    That front will move into the Great Lakes Sunday and into the Northeast and Appalachians Monday. Heavy storms will develop along that front both days.

    That front gets stuck again from the Ohio Valley into the Mid-Atlantic next week before a more powerful cold front will sweep through the East late next week. That front may bring a nice airmass for next weekend.

    The tropics remain dead. NHC changed their hurricane numbers but still thinks it’s a big year for storms. Better get going soon!

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