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    5 days, 4 hours ago

    Happy Weather Thursday!

    For the snow plow operators I have researched and have developed 500 different types of winter storms with impacts on roads and paved surfaces. This winter, I am offering all that information plus the weight of snow that will fall per sqft or acre. This information can be used to help with fuel consumption for example, the weight of a 4 inch wet snowstorm can exceed 400,000 lbs per acre vs a dry snowstorm that can be only 15,000 lbs per acre. If interested, email at

    Fiona is still on track to hit Nova Scotia Friday night into Saturday. I still expect 100 mph and flooding rains. Unfortunately, the Bermuda radar is out and probably will not see Fiona passing Bermuda.

    The second tropical issue will be potential major hurricane Hermine. The GFS keeps taking the system west under the building ridge. With the negative PNA and negative NAO, the building ridge would dictate that Hermine will try to slip under the ridge and eventually get picked up by a trough coming in from the West. The ECMWF has gone east with the track so for now I like the track that I have for it’s a consensus of both models. In any case, a major hurricane is expected in the Gulf of Mexico by Wednesday of next week.

    The immediate timeframe, the cold front is moving through the East this morning. Rain and thunderstorms are along the front this morning and a few strong storms are moving across New England. That front should move off the coast by this afternoon followed by windy and cooler weather with lake effect showers. A frost is possible across the Northeast Saturday morning.

    The upper-level low is moving across the West this morning. Showers and thunderstorms will occur across the Rockies into the Plains, and flash flooding may still occur from Arizona to Colorado today. That system will eventually come east and will bring showers and thunderstorms across the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes Saturday then into the Appalachians and Northeast Sunday. Cooler weather will follow that system next week and a few flurries may occur across the northern Great Lakes.

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