Heavy Rains Along the Front Today!

The stalled front from the Mid-Atlantic to the south-central Plains will bring locally heavy rains. We saw massive flooding in Kentucky Wednesday night and we could see heavy rains like that anywhere along the front. The reason for the rains is due to the difference between the very hot and humid airmass across the South and the cooler and less humid airmass to the north. The clash along the front is leading to clusters of strong thunderstorm that move across the same area causing locally heavy rains over 4 inches! If you live in a flood prone area, be prepared to move if heavy rains hit.

Midwest Snowstorm, Severe Storms, High Winds and Flash Flooding all in One Storm!

Highlights through Friday:

  • Midwest and Great Lakes will see snow of 1-8 inches depending on location.
  • Dam-Breaking High Wind event highs Thursday night and early Friday morning in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Wind gusts 40-70 mph as squall line moves through.
  • Heavy rains from the Tennessee Valley into the Northeast will cause flooding issues on small streams and creeks.
  • High winds around the storm in the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley will be gusting 40-50 mph.

Dam-Breaking High Wind (40-70 mph Gusts) Event…

Evolution of Event on NAM Model


Midwest Snowfall is About

Ratios and Temperatures

Snowfall Maps


No Hope for Heavy Rain Relief! More Flooding Next 10 Days

I don’t have any good news in regards to the heavy rains that continue to impact parts of the Appalachians and Mid-Atlantic.

Today, heavy rains will hit or are hitting Pennsylvania, especially eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, southern New York into Maryland and Virginia over the next 10-14 days. As one system moves out another one will come in and continue to bring the threat of heavy rains to the same areas that have been hit since July.

Eastern and central Pennsylvania have been hit the hardest and once again today they are getting hit again with heavy rains up to 5 inches. This will cause renewed flash flooding in many areas that were already hit by flooding.

The current upper level low will move out later Tuesday, but another will move in later this week and weekend bringing more heavy rains and flooding potential.

I still remain concerned that a tropical system will somehow work it’s way into the flood zones maybe late August or September and really push the bounds of flooding.


Rainfall next 10-14 days

Rainfall next 10-14 days

Watch the change to snow on radar.
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