Heat Burning Rubber Coming East! Expect 90s to 100s!

As mentioned in the Long Range 30 day impacts, the heat coming into the East and Northeast will come in surges and one such surge is coming Sunday into Tuesday. The worse conditions will occur on Monday when temperatures form New England to North Carolina will reach into the 90s and low 100s depending on location. Temperatures will remain hot Tuesday from Philadelphia on South where highs will be in the 90s to 100.

The heat is due to hot air surging out of the Plains and then downslopes off the front range of the Appalachians. The downsloping wind causes air to heat up even more thus pushing temperatures well into the 90s. The big cities from Boston to Raleigh will suffer in the heat but the good news, a cold front will bring cooler weather by mid-week next week.

heatindexchartDew points will be high during this time which means the Heat Index will top 100 degrees F in many areas making for very uncomfortable day. The heat index to the left shows you that temperatures in the 100s can be dangerous doe outdoor activities so stay cool in the pool!



Sunday’s Highs


Tuesdays Highs