Could a Major Snowstorm Hit this Weekend after Dreadful Dull December?

Cat 3 snow event on the Big Daddy Index We have the potential for a major snowstorm this weekend. My live blog will cover information on the storm potential with updates as new information comes in. 4:00pm Thursday January 9, 2019 – It’s fairly clear that Missouri to The Dalmarva will see the major snows with […]

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Winter Hype Starts as ECMWF Says “Cold”, but CFS Says “Not So”

ECMWF January Temperature Anomaly

  You may have seen on social media the winter weather hype starting as the January monthly forecast from the ECMWF model shows cold weather across the eastern part of the country. It also shows dry and cold weather across the Midwest and cold and wet weather (snow) along the East Coast. Now, opposite to […]

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