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Forecasts that help you schedule your day and keeps your crew safe.

Snow Removal

Winter forecasts focusing on snow and ice. Post storm snowfall that helps revenue.

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Be prepared for severe weather ahead of time that keeps your county safe.

Marine Weather

Don’t venture out without knowing what might be coming. Our marine forecasts keep you ahead of the storms.

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Latest Weather Updates

Severe Storms and Flash Flooding

A complex series of fronts across the Tennessee Valley will be the focal point severe thunderstorms and flash flooding today into tonight. High dew point air (60s) is flowing north from the Gulf of Mexico and is becoming the fuel for thunderstorms to develop. The band of thunderstorms that do develop today can produce damaging winds, hail and flash flooding. Some areas will see over 4…

Models and What They are Showing for the Front End Snow Friday Night into Saturday

Teh rain that is coming north may start off at a little snow from the Virginia mountains to Maine Friday night into Saturday. While this is not a big event and the outcome will be rain, it shows that winter is still holding on tight across the Northeast. The models seem to an all in agreement that the higher elevations have snow while valley locations have…

Clipper Style Snows this Week

A couple of clippers will move through the Upper Midwest, northern Great Lakes into the Northeast this week. Each one of the clippers will bring another coating to an inch or two of snow. I can see snow all the way to NYC Tuesday afternoon with the next clipper. South of the clippers, the weather will be a little milder which will cause the current snow…

Snow Midwest to Northeast, May Have Thunder and Bursts of Snow!

The snow across Iowa this morning is coming down heavy for a few hours with thunder mixed in. We will see bursts of heavy snow and thunder through the Great Lakes into the Northeast and PA as well. The NAM and HRRR but suggest that a band of heavy showers or thunderstorms develop across eastern Virginia into The Delmarva. Thunderstorms riding into the cold air will…


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