UPDATED: Hurricane Lee will Hit Nova Scotia this Weekend

Friday Update: Lee is a Cat 1 hurricane and is now in the process of changing to a subtropical storm which is no different than a strong Nor’easter as I have been saying all along. Lee is picking up speed and now will impact New England into Nova Scotia Friday night into Saturday. Winds are already picking up on Nantucket with gusts over 30 mph. Rain and wind will spread north from Lee this afternoon and will overspread eastern New England into Maine and Canada later today and tonight. Conditions will be very nasty Saturday into Saturday night across that area. Eastern New England into Maine will see wind gusts 35-60 mph which will cause some power outages. The highest winds with gusts to 80 mph will impact Nova Scotia. Lee is going to be a big storm that will impact New England into Nova Scotia Saturday.

Thursday Update – Lee continues to weaken and now will be a tropical storm east of New England by Saturday morning. Lee will still produce strong winds, storm surge and heavy rains. A storm surge will occur and heights are as follows.

Chatham, MA to Sagamore Beach, MA…2-4 ft

Cape Cod Bay…2-4 ft

Nantucket…2-4 ft

Sagamore Beach, MA to Border of US/Canada…1-3 ft

Boston Harbor…1-3 ft

Flushing, NY to Chatham, MA…1-3 ft

Montauk Point, NY to Flushing, NY…1-3 ft

Long Island Sound…1-3 ft

Martha’s Vineyard…1-3 ft

Rockaway Inlet, NY to Montauk Point, NY…1-2 ft

Wednesday Update – Lee is still a Cat 3 hurricane but it appears now that dry air is getting drawn into Lee and westerly shear is causing the eroding o f the convection and eye wall. Lee is expected to continue to weaken over the next 3 days and will come into Maine and Nova Scotia as a tropical storm. For that area, a tropical storm is not different than the winter storms that hit with strong winds, rain and snow. I expect the damage will be minimal but flooding could be the most horrific part of the storm.

As for winds, Cape Cod and Nantucket will gust 60-70 mph, eastern Maine into Nova Scotia will gust 40-60 mph. A storm surge will go into Boston Harbor and eastern Maine as Lee comes up.

Tuesday – I nudged the track slightly west to respect the GFS and Euro with a slightly west turn at the end. I weakened the storm since it appears now that Lee will come in as a strong tropical storm and not a hurricane so winds will taken down to peak gust at 80 mph.

Monday – Lee has attained Cat 3 status again and should hover around Cat 3 status the next 3 days. The track will take the storm between the East Coast and Bermuda Wednesday then hit Nova Scotia Saturday night into Sunday. Cape Cod and eastern Maine will be skirted by heavy rains and gusty winds but probably very little damage if any. Nova Scotia will be hit by a category 1 hurricane with wind gusts up to 100 mph and very heavy rain. A storm surge will occur as well. Conditions will be very bad with power outages and damage to trees and buildings.

Watch the change to snow on radar.
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