NAM Shows Snow Into the I-95 Corridor

For what it’s worth the NAM 12km shows the snows all the way into the big cities of the I-95 corridor. That’s because the name is doing what I expect will happen with the low tracking across the mountains to the coast. I know many forecasters out there are going with the GFS but I still think it’s wrong. High to the north and typical redevelopment to the coast should occur.



Brock Alders

Give it up dude.

Brock Alders

Give it up.


Wow the NAM really seems an outlier right now, despite its traditionally trustworthy reputation. Close to a half foot across much of northern MD by midnight Saturday, stands in stark contrast to several other models (which have us Orioles fans in a cold slush, if not just rain). This is very interesting, and thank you so much Henry for keeping us all so very well informed.

Scott Fourhman

Hope youre right Henry