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  • Light snow just started here in western Maine at 22F. I’m in the @weathermadness 12-18 inch area for the storm. 🤞❄️

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  • Winter storm watches have been hoisted for parts of Maine and New Hampshire this morning. Local NWS has trended back to a colder storm scenario Monday, more in line with @weathermadness. You’re doing good, Henry! Good for you for sticking with your forecast, at least until you see undeniable proof that it should be changed. 👍

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  • @weathermadness, the local NWS office for Maine just upped the snowfall amounts to 4–8 inches for much of interior Maine, exactly what you’ve been forecasting for this area from the beginning. Well done, my friend! The cold air is locked in tight here and will be tough to dislodge, especially over the interior. We’ve had light snow all day (up t…Read More

  • @tonybomp, it’s not any better hundreds of miles northeast of you here in western Maine, just east of Bethel and Sunday River Ski area. I reported a measly 2in of snow cover this morning, and there are big open areas, especially in the exposed areas. The ski areas are of course open, with almost entirely man-made snow, but business is not good.…Read More

  • @tonybomp I agree with you as well. I lived in western Mass at Westover AFB as an AF dependent 70-72, and I recall great winters with plenty of snow during those couple of years. I’ve lived in Maine (western foothills) now since leaving the AF myself in 1986 and have noticed a considerable change in the overall winter weather just about as you d…Read More

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  • Hmm.. I wonder if he was hacked? @weathermadness doesnt seem to exist on twitter right now. anyone else check twitter?