This one I found interesting because you don’t see the models trying to stir-up a small but intense little storm this time of the year, but yet, some of the operational models including the GFS are showing just that by Thursday morning. A small intense low pressure system with gusty winds, thunderstorms and heavy rain will form out of the severe weather that develops today. Once develop, so may say in resembles a “Landcane” which has become over of those social media weather terms that show up every now and then for a small intense storm.

In any case, severe weather explodes across the High Plains this afternoon and last into tonight . The storms will produce damaging hail, high winds and probably a few tornadoes. Certainly Storm Chaser weather for the High Plains.

The storms will form into an rather large area of thunderstorms overnight into Wednesday which be the seeding for low pressure to develop over Nebraska. That low pressure will deepen as the jet dips in and pulls into under the vortex. So by Thursday morning we should see a fairly intense little storm over the Plains.

The impacts will be gusty winds, heavy rains and thunderstorms wrapping around the storm. Winds may gust over 50 mph across parts of Nebraska, northern Kansas and perhaps Iowa.