Tornado, Hail and Damaging Wind Threat This Evening

The storm that has been in the Midwest is moving through the eastern Great Lakes and is now adding spin into the atmosphere across the Appalachians. As skies clear this afternoon and heating occurs, dew points will rise into the 60s and low 70s setting the stage for numerous thunderstorms to develop. Shear profiles show the winds rotating with height which means storms may form into supercells and may even produce a few tornadoes. Large hail and damaging winds may also occur.

Below, the simulated radar is painting an ugly picture showing numerous supercell storms across central Pennsylvania into western Maryland. The HRRR rotation tracks below show storms that may have rotation. That doesn’t mean the rotation produces tornadoes, the rotation can support large hail as well. In any case, watch for warnings being issued for your area.

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Simulated Radar for this Evening


Rotation Tracks for this Evening