Saturday UPDATE: Quebec, Ontario and the Northeast Could See Damaging Storms

As I mentioned the other day, the storms are going to be going around the rim of the heatwave from the Plains to the Northeast. This afternoon into tonight, we will see a complex of storms moving through Ontario and Quebec, impacting Montreal and Quebec City, that same complex of storms will drop into the Northeast impact Vermont, New Hampshire, parts of Maine and upstate New York. It’s not out of the question the storms make it all the way to Boston tonight. These are the types of storms that produce wind damage due to the sudden downdrafts that can exceed 60 mph or 95 kph. It’s really not uncommon during heatwaves to see these complex of storms rotating around the heat dome. In some cases, the storms can produce widespread wind damage which is certainly possible.


Simulated Radar for this Evening


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Posted Thursday June 28, 2018

Complex of thunderstorms typically play around the rim of the heat domes and we may see a complex of storms coming through Ontario, Quebec into the Northeast Saturday. That complex of storms could produce widespread wind damage as it comes Southeast out of Canada. Places like Montreal, Quebec, Upstate New York and Vermont could see the storms. It is also possible that the complex of storms turn southeast and head all the way to New England by the end of the day.

These types of storms have happened before during the start of major heatwaves. It’s complex to say the least on how it occurs but it has to do with the heat surging north prior to the ridge building in. In addition, the severe weather today will be supported by a jet streak that will continue to move across Canada then drop down through the Northeast on Saturday.

Winds may gust well over 50 mph or 80 kph and if the situation gets extreme, a derecho could form. Not sure that will happen right now, but sometimes we see that during extreme heat.



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