Could be Worse Today as Tornadoes and High Winds Hit Populated Areas


Simulated Radar for this Evening

Yesterday was a nasty day across Iowa with over 30 tornadoes, some big causing considerable damage. Today could be worse as the tornado threat is heading in higher populated areas of the southern Ohio Valley and Tennessee Valley.


A vigorous jet stream will punch southeast into the area this afternoon and evening causing intense upward motion and huge supercell thunderstorms. Given the shear, storms will quickly rotate and produce tornadoes, some large and dangerous, as well large hail and winds gusts over 60 mph.

Areas of Kentucky, Tennessee into northern Mississippi and northern Alabama will be in the area for tornadoes and damaging thunderstorms.

This is a very unusual event for this time of the year so people need to heed the warnings that will be issued for the storms this afternoon.


SPC Severe Weather Maps


Rotation Tracks