Improvement Coming, but Worse Rains Yet to Come

The rains continue to hit  areas from North Carolina to New York with areas of Virginia and Pennsylvania taking the brunt of the rains and flooding. Things are only going to get worse before getting better as the storm over Georgia has to move through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

As you can see on the track map above, the storm will go from the Southeast today, track into the Mid-Atlantic Wednesday then through the Northeast on Thursday. When the storm moves through, it will enhance the rainfall over areas already drenched by the recent rains. Some places may see up to 8 inches of additional rain through Thursday morning.

With that much rain coming, flooding will continue and will occur in areas yet to have flooding. Keep in mind, the rain comes quick so the flooding occurs very quickly. Just 6 inches of flowing water can push a car off the road so please don’t attempt to drive through moving flood waters.

Once the storm moves through, it will dry out some, but a cold front coming with bring more thunderstorms late Thursday and Friday. A break in the rains will occur this weekend then the pattern comes right back again next week.

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