Dangerously Cold and Snowy in the Midwest

The arctic airmass that will hit the Northern Plains and Midwest will  be very dangerous in regards to the temperatures alone. Add in the Wind Chills and we are talking temperatures -20 to -60 degrees. If outside you need to dress properly or you will be at risk of Hypothermia . The good news, the cold air comes in and leaves just as quick so it’s a two day shot of cold and then it warms back up.

Snow will come with the clipper that will bring the dangerous cold air. I posted the NAM 3KM snow amounts below to give you an idea of how much snow will fall across the Plains into the Great Lakes. Snow ratios will be high so some areas may see up to 8-10 inches of snow. Chicago for example will have 3-9 inches of snow while Milwaukee will see 5-10 inches of snow.



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