The NAO (blocking pattern) is going to tank again while the PNA is going positive. Both of naopna

these would lead one to believe that a major East Coast storm is possible this week, one that could end up producing wind and rain from New England to The Dalmarva. There is an outside chance the storm backs in from the East and parts of eastern New England and Cape Code get into near tropical storm force winds.

This is all part of the weather pattern that I have been excited about now for the last almost two weeks. It is also one that with the SOI values tanked to La Nina, November could be a wild one with snow across the Northeast. While we have snow hitting the northern Rockies now and a major snow event for the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest, all that can quickly change and shift into the Northeast as cold takes hold.

As I mentioned in the Video this morning, parts a heavy snow event and severe weather may occur prior to our East coast storm hits.

Below are the various morning operational runs showing the storm snuggled into the Northeast coastal areas by late in the week.

The CMC is the most aggressive of the models, backing the storm all the way to Cape Cod.

CMC Model
CMC Model

Other Models


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  1. I wait with “worm on tongue” (baited breath, LoL) to see this one unfold. Maybe it will rat a “Big Daddy” status ?

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