Hurricane Bud May Help Colorado Fires

Hurricane Bud could bring welcome rain to the Southwest and Colorado, helping to putting out the fires currently active. As you can see by the active fire map, there are many fires across parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. Some of the larger fires are occurring across Colorado, directly in the path of the remains of Bud.


Bud is expected to make landfall near on the Baja Peninsula Friday then move north into the Southwest by Sunday morning. On that path, moisture in the form of showers and thunderstorms will move out ahead of Bud Saturday night and should arrive in these areas during that time.  The rainfall will be heavy in some areas and could exceed to 2-3 inches. Most areas as shown on the rainfall map will see a 0.25″ to 1.00″ of rain with the heaviest coming Sunday into Sunday night.


Another way Bud will help fight the fires is to increase the humidity and bring cooler weather. The hot and dry weather has been helping to fuel the fires but the cooler and more humid weather coming will tend to suppress the fires which is all good news.