Repeat for the Northeast of Hail and High Winds, Wider Area of Storms

The pattern of rain and severe weather for areas of the East will continue today as yet another round of heavy to severe storms will occur.

Today, storms will develop from the Ohio Valley into the Northeast with a concentrated area of severe weather across parts of New York into Pennsylvania. That area will see large hail and damaging wind gusts, perhaps even a quick spin-up tornado.

In the heavy thunderstorm area which covers a huge area from the Ohio Valley into the Northeast, storms will produce hail and high winds. Some storm swill reach severe limits as well.

In any of these areas, storms can produce heavy rains and flash flooding, especially in the soggy areas of the Appalachians and Northeast.

We don’t see an ending to this pattern for the next 10 days. As mentioned before, the danger in this pattern is a tropical system that moves into the areas hit by heavy rains already.



Simulated Radar for Today