Major Snow Event of Big Daddy Proportions. 12+ inches!

I like the track that the ECMWF is showing. It’s the same track that I showed the other day where the low jumps the mountains to the coast then goes up the coast. The implications of that track is heavy snow interior areas and snow and mix to the coast.

The storm is going to be very front ended with heavy snow and snow rates of 1-3 inches per hour. the backlash will only bring 1/3 of the snow that falls on the front end,

Video:Special Video: Big Daddy Snow Event!

As I mentioned yesterday, the thunderstorms will be key to the front end snow event. I still think we will see thunderstorms butted up against the heavy snow area, which in turn will cause snow rates of 1-3 inches per hour.

Below is the severe weather map that shows heavy to severe storms cutting across the South. Wind damage and hail will be the primary impacts with the storms.

The storm following will bring even more snow to areas that get hit with this storm.

Severe Weather Potential

Severe Weather Potential

Severe Weather Maps

Current Surface Map

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Thursday – Friday? Or is this Saturday to Sunday storm?

Brian Hulbert

Will the storm become a blizzard if it continues coming SE on models? U think the gfs will keep trending SE as well? The gfs shows it too far N, u think that will change in future runs? Will the 12-18 in area shift to CNJ or is it not gonna be that far S?

Jack Flanagan

Appreciate you taking the time to break it all down. Talk about February 2019 once storm is done, some long term insight would be good. Will donate to keep you up and running. Thanks Jack F. in Exton PA

Brian watson

Im so glad i googled ur name when i ligged into accuweather and didnt see u i was so upset ur my fav weather guy besides jim cantore and a few others from the weather channel i livecweather with a passion i wieh i could learn more for free but its cool u retired but still do the weather i live in binghamton ny and 2 years ago march we got hammered i c this weekends storm rivaling it if not bei g worse it may even rival blizzard of 93 i think