Major Snows for the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest

Two storms will move through the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest this week. The first storm which will have snow on the front end will come tonight into Wednesday. That storm will produce a swath of 1-4 inches of snow with locally 6 inches across parts of southern Minnesota. Northern Wisconsin will have 1-4 inches of snow with local amounts of 6 inches near La Crosse. Minneapolis will have a few inches of snow with the most snow south of the city.

The second swath of snow comes through Thursday into Friday, The heaviest snows will be across north Dakota into northern Minnesota. Fargo could see up to a 8-10 inches of snow. Minneapolis will probably get 4 inches of snow with higher amounts to the north.

Below of the model maps for the snowfall which shown at 10:1 ratio. Most likely, ratios will be 8:1 given the early season.