Weekly Highlights for August 27 to September 3

This week the top highlights will be Idalia hitting the Southeast and the heat which will return for the Labor Day Weekend.  

Idalia will become a tropical storm Sunday and eventually a Cat 1 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday. I don’t think Idalia has enough time to become a Cat 2 or 3 hurricane because once the system gets moving, landfall will occur by Wednesday morning. The Gulf coast of the Florida Panhandle will take the brunt of the storm with hurricane force winds and storm surge. Flooding rains will spread through the Southeast into the Carolina’s. For more information, please see the post about Idalia.  

The heat which was pushed south by the cold front will expand back into the Plains and Tennessee/Ohio Valleys later this week and a surge of heat will come into the Mid-Atlantic next weekend. Temperatures will be the 100s again through the Labor Day weekend before the next cold front will push the heat away again.