Mondays Live Blog on the Storm

9pm Monday – sorry for not posting. took a nasty fall on the driveway trying to shovel. I am ok, just my arm, back and hip took the brunt. Oh well, I will be back out shoveling tomorrow.

Our storm continues as the heavy bands shift north through New England this evening and heavy snow with 1-2 inch rates continue across NJ into NY and PA. We did see the rain change to snow all the way to the coast of south Jersey. Overnight, we will see heavy snow from NE PA into southeast Maine with 8-10 inches will fall with more tomorrow. The storm(s) remain complicated with two low centers now. One off NJ and the other off the Carolina’s. The NJ low will sit while the other low pivots around that low and nails Maine and maybe eastern New England with heavy snow and near blizzard conditions tomorrow afternoon. Light snows will continue to pivot around the trough adding more accumulations up the Appalachians into NY. This storm put down a lot of snow of a large area of the country.

2pm Monday – The heavy band continues across NJ, into eastern PA with rates of 1-2 inches per hour. Another heavy band of snow is across south-central PA. Heavy snow is now working it’s way into New England with rates 1/2 to 1 per hour.

11am Mon – The heavy snow continues over Northern New Jersey with sleet back into central NJ and southeast PA. Winds have also picked up causing blowing snow. The complicated factor of this storm is the dual upper level lows. One if across southeast Ohio and the other is across northern Georgia. Both of these features have to swing through. The Ohio one supports the low off NJ while the GA one will cause a second storm to develop and swing across eastern New England into Main tomorrow. That;s why we see several areas of heavy snow from PA to Maine.

6am Monday – The coastal storm is developing this morning as per the thunderstorms in the Atlantic. Heavy snow with rates of 1-3 inches per hour about the break out across eastern PA into northern NJ and New England. Winds have picked up across Nj and New England with gusts already to 40 mph which will create blowing and drifting and near blizzard conditions during the heavy snows. Still a lot of differences on the snow maps but 30″ max in some places seems good to me. Light snows will continue across eastern Ohio into Kentucky and western PA. Short range video will be up by 7am. Long range later this morning.



will we get all snow on eastern Long Island ? will todays storm brake the back of the frigid conditions we have been experiencing the last 4 days ?

Joe Piscopo

What about the catskills ulster county how much snow.


About 3 inches in Burlington NJ with the early part of the storm. Much more on the way.


Looks like overperformance (again!) here west of Binghamton. 4″ since last night, still steady light snow, that was the high end of the forecast for the early phase.


Henry, “old school” thinking…. I’m in S. NH and progression of snow north is very slow. Mt. Washington, NH continues with easterly winds for past several hours. Typically a southerly wind is needed to bring storms north. Thoughts?


when will sleet turn to snow in Lancaster, PA area?


About a foot in Kendall Park


philly is a bust…..


Hey Henry,

Any further thoughts of 974 low bombing out off of Boston tomorrow… with blizzard conditions from Maine to L.I.??