Wed- The ice will continue across Texas and now the ice will change to snow across western Texas Thursday. The ice from Arkansas into Tennessee will be marginal as temperatures start to moderate.

Texas will see more ice and that ice will spread into the Tennessee Valley today and tonight.

Cold air will seep south and undercut the southern jet stream today through Wednesday morning. That will lead to Ice and sleet from Texas into Kentucky and Tennessee and a little light snow across the Ohio Valley into the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. The heaviest of the ice will be from Texas into the Ozarks. That area could see significant icing and power outages.

6 thoughts on “Updated Wednesday – Undercutting Cold Leads to Ice and Snow”
  1. (Note; Pissing and Moaning alert) We have been down this road too many times to take any models with anything
    other than a grain of salt. A small grain. A very tiny grain. MAYBE THIS TIME ITLL HAPPEN? I will gladly apologize if I
    am wrong but we have been looking at 14 day snow cover models that somehow stay 14 days ahead of us. Feb first tomorrow and no snow in SE PA. all year. Had some sleet and flurries today. Great. What do I know…. FLY EAGLES FLY……

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