Who May See Snow Late February through March?

It’s becoming more clear that the sudden stratospheric warming event will force the jet stream pattern to bring a trough in the West and a slight trough in the East. This means that storms will track across the country and with cold air being forced south, the northern edge of the storms will have snow. The AO and NAO are going highly negative and the PNA is also going highly negative as well. The NAO will force cold air into the Northeast while the AO will force cold air into the Plains, Great Lakes and West. In addition, the La Nina continues to weaken and should be almost a neutral ENSO event by mid-March. All this will lead to a higher probability of snow from the West into the Northern Plains and Northeast late February into March. Along the I-80 corridor, there is a medium chance of snow during the time of year. We have about a 45-day period of late winter weather before the pattern goes to much warmer weather by April.



Of course, It only makes sense northern New England would miss out on the storm fun once again, since that’s how the pattern has rolled the last five years. We’ll get the pain of the cold without the pleasure of experiencing the storms. Oh well, at this point I don’t rightly care what happens. I’m so used to this whole lousy pattern and getting the shaft with most of the storms most of the time, that I’m ready to end another miserable winter ASAP and hang my hat on the next and hope and pray it turns out better.


    Same, Looks like here in the panhandle of WV winter is over and I am ready for warmer temps. I love the cold and snow but am not a fan of 60 degree days followed by 30 degree days. It’s one of the other.